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    CPU 750 MHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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    CPU 1 GHz, 256 Mb, 64 Mb Video
AqauNox 2: Revalation is the new world of the old game, the atmosphere of which has changed dramatically. Bright poppin effects turned gloomy realistic picture with crushing despair sunlight, dimly shining through the dense radioactive atmosphere, with lots of colorful characters, plausible weapons.
The result is a unique design, dynamic and interesting action game with updated engine, a great design and sound. The gameplay is based taken from the first game, improved and updated, of course, there are rough edges, but such defects can be detected in any game. If to speak about faults, we can note only low intelligence AI and NFC, the inability to remain in the game and the lack of multiplayer.
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