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The game in question is the only and unique in its kind, as it allows the player in the game world to plunder locks, find treasures, to cultivate the ground and underwater gardens, build your own home, to sail the oceans on the ship, and to go to jail for numerous robberies and murders. Online games have evolved over the years, and today there are a huge variety of virtual worlds: in one you can grow vegetables in their gardens or cattle in a pen in the other - control beautiful characters, in the third - build a great city and establish economic order, in the fourth - kill bloodthirsty creatures, in the fifth you act as traveler, the sixth - the conqueror of the land. All these worlds are combined in one game - ArcheAge.
  • First of all, the game project is the sandbox genre, which indicates the full freedom of your virtual character. A common theme is missing, stable cards no choice crafts and nature of life is yours. You will be able to create a family or shred monsters, earning awards, to besiege the fortress or to surf the ocean in search of the lost Islands and protected treasures. You can even get your own farm and plant the garden of tomatoes.
  • The construction of the house to your taste is another aspect of the game. Your choice of fun at home in the water or huge mansions with elegant and richly decorated bedrooms. The game offers you to learn the trade of a carpenter, or to take part in the auction. In both cases you get a chance to get a useful and attractive furniture.
  • The game in question extends on three giant continents, each of which could be put more than a simple game. Research and bleeding available in two southern continents, on the Northern continent committed siege and bloody battle. There you can find more than ten locations that you can build castle depending on your resources and imagination of the chief architect. Building a castle, prepare to defend it every few days.
  • More than full in this game the topic of farming. Your virtual character will be able to grow plants, to have pigs, cutting wool from sheep, get milk from cows, to use the products to prepare wholesome food, which will improve the parameters of the hero. The products can be sold to other players and get a gold ArcheAge.
  • As with any online game, ArcheAge offers broad opportunities to destroy monsters. In this case, global invasion really require thorough preparation, and fight with them can whole team.
  • Sea romance is an important part of the game. The area of the ocean, you can easily equate to vast territories of all the other three continents. Traveling through the waves, the character will be able to deliver on ships important goods, to fight with other Maritime command, to fight the Kraken or even become a pirate. Here you can find lots of sunken ships, with their treasure, to kill an incredible number of sea monsters.

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ArcheAge - Biplane

In ArcheAge there is a new glider. Quick, unusual and unique) And you already bought?
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[EN] ArcheAge - Installed the update 1.8

Held to install the update 1.8 on the Russian servers of ArcheAge introducing the system in the game heroes, the ability to customize the homes that adds to the game new game events

Open beta test on February 22,

Multiplayer project called ArcheAge, who was in Russia at the stage of closed testing, moving into a new stage of the open beta.
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A little about a lot

ArcheAge. Many are waiting for this game, some even play it. At this point the game is already out in Korea and Japan. In Russia it is at the stage of closed beta testing, will soon be released in Europe and North America. It's time to talk a little bit about it, for you readers
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