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Armed & Dangerous - it is a game about how the middle Ages is a fan of "stream-punk" - fairy castles surrounded by a missile towers, machine gun nests and military airships. This cocktail about the specifics of the plot, however. In comparison with the entourage of the game - everything is quite prosaic: the Kingdom - 1 piece, the evil king - 1 piece, its dumb son - 1 piece, manual weaving of baskets, which is really magical Superbook - 1 stage, gang noble robbers - 1 piece. In the last part of the game's protagonist Roman. He is a man. And there's a robot Q1-11, all whose name is all just Kew, Scottish mole-demolition Johnsy finally, blind clairvoyant Rexus that the gang part-time stands still and whipping boy.
It seems, all the creativity of developers of the game went into its design, because the job is not differ by the variety: kill all or not to kill everyone, but reach the desired point or to save a certain number of peasants. And that's when you've seen enough funny steam-punk entourage, boredom comes around the middle of the game. The job is extremely monotonous, weapons is not balanced, although some of its forms are quite spectacular, but 95% of the time you will use banal.
And we would not advise you to play at A&D, if not one "but!". And this "but" - the rollers are inserted between the levels. Boring game in your life were and will be, but such a talented shot videos you hardly anywhere else finds.
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