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Army Corps of Hell - action game that is released for the Japanese launch PS Vita. Hero to take on the role of tyrant who once ruled the world, but was deposed and sent to hell for their greed and tyranny. Now he must gather an army of goblins to take back your power and revenge for the destruction of enemies. Are used in game soundtracks known in Japan groups, heavy metal, which the player can change at will on your own. The gameplay offers the player the management of the forces in order to defeat his enemies. Troops can be sent in three directions. Possible mode of attack and defense. After the victory over the enemy, goblins can be sent to the battlefield, for devouring the remains and obtain material for the modernization of weapons and other equipment items. In the game you can use potions to restore the health of the goblins. The game has a multiplayer mode for up to four players.
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