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Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny - detective game, the story which begins to curl without a long delay. The main character is a girl Nicole - come parcel with strange contents, the meaning of which she will have to solve. The player will not be self-selection of gaming locations, but inside its space, he would have complete freedom to search for clues. However, all the collected evidence you will need to use strict priority, and often we are smarter than her character. For example, we understand that the crow should be used as a lever, but Nicole will have to understand this to explore the crowbar from all sides, to extract from him the ticket, and only after that, she understands to use it.
Because of neponjatosti Nicole we run the risk of seriously stuck on some tricky quest, because it is absolutely unclear what should be done to the girl understood how to solve objective. But overall, the game story is quite balanced - dialogues are changed at regular intervals adventure quests, and, generally, all the game is designed so that the player did not have time to get bored. In conclusion still decent graphics, appropriate detective story dark and mysterious atmosphere and creative music.
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