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Arx Fatalis is a once popular role-playing game, immersing gamers in the atmosphere of a mysterious place called Actsta. After the fall of the unknown object surrounding world gradually plunges into darkness, the Sun around the planet fades and surface envelops unbelievable cold. Such sad events forced the inhabitants to move under the ground, to build a new reality. The local underground inhabitants would live long in peace and harmony, while the need of ending the food and the good is never exhausted. And in the hard conditions of hostility or war inevitable. Now every itself, the player with the main hero will be a difficult battle. The battle for his life.
Kind of role-playing is in the first person, which allows for better enjoy the atmosphere of dungeons Aktoty. Your main task is to escape from trolls cells, where the character came unknown how and for what. Then the situation will become more complicated, because it is necessary not just to survive, but also to find answers to all questions. Use spells and runes to repulse the enemies. The peculiarity of Arx Fatalis was that for more powerful and sophisticated magical manipulations can be combined runes.
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