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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - a new part of many of their favorite TV series, Assassin's Creed. The player will play for Ezio, who has now become a legend. He continues to fight against the knights Templar, and in addition acts as the master of assassins. The player will have a difficult test - you must go to Rome, where is located the heart of the Order and the Fraternity of Assassins.
The main feature of the project is a full multiplayer game mode, where every gamer will be able to take part in battles with the enemies. Have to create your character and give it the characteristics, and the bed of warfare, what he wills end player.
's game-play standard for the series and is a continuation parkirnih traditions Assassin's Creed with developed system of melee and using a variety of shelters and the crowds for a seamless murders. On average you will need 15 hours to complete all's mission, if you will, of course, not going to replay everything story missions, and such opportunity appeared in this series franchise.
For the successful completion of the game you will be required to be more active and aggressive, because counter-attacks have become less effective, and the main character now can attack multiple enemies at the same time. Increased weapons Arsenal, in some games you can even use a gun. Finally, seriously reworked the role of the horse, which is now involved in some parkirnih elements.
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In the last game of the adventures of master assassin Ezio auditore da Firenze and his descendant Dezmonta miles we have, together with the main hero to go to the eternal city of Rome to release him from the power of the Borgia family.
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