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The main character of Assassin's Creed 4, as in the previous parts, there is lots of adventure. In the new part focuses on the naval battles. Controlling the main character, you will visit the uninhabited Islands in the dense jungle and underwater world. Motto: "Kill all the enemies and try to survive."
The main character - the sea robber or simply a pirate named Edward Kenuey. He wasn't always a pirate, when hero met the beautiful and fell in love with a beautiful girl. They got married, but soon parted, as Edward was difficult, and he loved often get drunk. After the divorce, Edward became a Privateer, as dreamed of once in childhood. But in 1713, the Utrecht peace Treaty destroyed the lives of privateers, and after that they began to think over the robbery.

Black Flag just takes that and turns everything dear Assassin's Creed things upside down. Our main character decides to withdraw the suit with the killed assassin, and thanks to this suit meets with the Governor of the Templar. Of course, the deception is revealed in a matter of moments, and yet, he managed to learn that there are mysterious Observatory, which is something unintelligible.
Pirates will go to any length to find the Observatory. During her quest, he will pureray several archipelagos, interfere with numerous government officials, finds his own daughter, and even participate in the making of the film... However, the last he himself is not aware.
Begin to sail the sea
In order to understand what's new in Assassin's Creed, enough to get acquainted with the plot. Agree, because our main character is an ordinary crook, which is far from the concept of nobility. He is a pirate, and it absolutely does not care about the centuries-old fights between assassins and Templars. The range of his interests is extremely narrow. All he has to do is piasters, ships and alcohol. Yes, he occasionally remembers about his wife, which left in Europe. Well, again, I would like to mention is simply stunning in scale fights in the taverns that would be the envy of any man in the Wild West.
The voyage will take at least half the game. Swimming in Assassin's Creed 3, this is nothing more than child's play. Here the sea is Your home, and it will spend the best hours of the new assassin. There really is so much to do from the robbery of the Royal Fregata,to the banal treasure hunting. Oh and not to forget the time to carry out the oars from the superior enemy forces. Sometimes it seems that Ubisoft have collected in the game all capacious and very cliche about pirates, pirate romance to their everyday life.
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
?Grappling captures the player's head. This is real madness, someone firing a gun, all on fire, and You desperately try to kill the remaining sailors.
In particular, I would like to mention sea battles, it seems that in their setting participated or Bay, or Spielberg. When the ships are fighting for life and death, reigns around panic and chaos. Kernel, explosive barrels and shells, constantly flying chips and Pokolenie mast - this indescribable atmosphere. And it is magical.
Yes, of course Black Flag this is a common attraction, and compare it with the "Corsairs" cannot in any case. And if you start comparing the game with the simulation of sea battles, it would be a shame for the latter. Black Flag simple and Arkady, reloading guns takes only a few moments, no problems when running the ship will not occur under any circumstances, and special problems in them during the whole passage will not occur. And best of all - there's no problems, and don't want to scold Assassin's Creed for the lack of realism. Ubisoft never claimed to be a special realism, and not boasted in an interview that such a thing happens.
Stoke court of the Kingdom have not only for fun (Although it's really fun), and also in order to get resources to improve their own brig. In Black Flag, you can upgrade almost any part of the ship, you can optionally change the nose shape. If Your vehicle is well equipped - you begin to feel more confident and relaxed, especially if you look back, and remember Prugnolo pelvis, which You had before.
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
?So the game will have to catch sharks.
Assassin's Creed 4 is different because here the sea lives its own life. On the horizon a couple of ships fought a deadly battle? Why not to join. Or, on the contrary, with a satisfied grin to see how the ships methodically shot each other, and then to swim and drown winner (pirate style!). You can find even drowning on the Board, who will be happy to join Your team. And of the many sharks can make a excellent bag for bullets (hi Far Cry 3!). The world is living its own life, it is distinguished by the variety and beauty. Exactly what you need for a real pirate.
However, the game forces us to become part of the sea. Decided to purely terrestrial life? On health, but if the plot You have to sail in the sea, then be prepared for the fact that in 75% of cases ship battle will end for You to defeat. Despite the fact that the story missions with combat ships is not too much to go through them without a well-tuned vehicle is simply impossible. If players uninteresting "marine life", then they really will be in difficulty. As they say, it can not be forced.
Despite minor bugs, Black Flag played and looks amazing. And only begin to believe that the game was a success, it is necessary to descend on the land...
The earth is not for pirates...
But on land the old Assassin's Creed as if reborn. Begin to learn the basic mechanics that Ubisoft did not change for more than six years. On earth will either have to follow and execute"or "eavesdrop and scoot". And all story missions no longer will entertain You with a variety. Especially comical look of the mission where you need to hide from someone's eyes. When you sit two feet away from the enemy, and you cover only 20 cm bushes, gradually begins with head cover sadness. No logic and realism cannot be and speeches, as if the inhabitants of the island were at least a bit smart, they would have noticed Edward at the beginning of the mission. However, they do not pay any attention, even if You hide the guard in the hay literally two feet away from the citizen. Will navolnuysya they only if you invade directly into their personal space. In this case, be prepared to fight.
About the combat system and even do not want to say. Not that I do not want, just to say something new and interesting about it will not work. Stood in defense, waited for the blow of the enemy counterattacked, move on to the next... And the next... And the next...
If You haven't seen the previous Assassin's Creed, or missed a couple of parts, throwing Edward is really impressive. However, if You play assassin" since 2007, the game will be boring, especially in the land portion. Let the game and appeared grenades, but this is too little, to somehow change the game.
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
?Treasures here at every step.
Ubisoft does not want to invent new things, and sometimes just simplifies old. Take, for example, parkour - it was simply written off to the scrap. Beautiful and interesting for "glassing" of buildings is extremely small, typically'll have to go to the barn and HOMESTEAD toilets. Have not gone away and the beginnings of secondary missions, where we need to find the lost pages or kill someone in order. However, looking at some missions, you want to twist a finger to his temple, and only. The most striking example is the search for fresh songs for his team. We have to chase the sheet, which, most likely, is depicted notes. He will Pobjeda, take some time and then simply evaporate. Much.
However, in spite of everything, Black Flag has taken the series forward. Albeit quite a bit. Thanks to a good decision to change the main character and his image, and thank you adding these naval battles game, and the idea of "assassin" cool refreshed. If Ubisoft decide to transfer the amount of money, you can get a good and interesting piece. As for now... Lifting sails and a full move on... well, let's say on the schooner Spaniards. And remember, a true pirate never steps foot on land, on land inhabited by solid rats.
What we found:
•Treasures, ships, duel, stomach ulcers and fights... Romantica!
•Incredible sea and atmospheric.
•Fortunately, interludes about the modern world is now not so frequent.
Which greatly upsets us:
•Stealth is simplified to the extent that only can be simplified.
•Despite the enormous space, to do absolutely nothing.
•Mission - it's just the standard of monotony and boredom.
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