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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a completely new game that combines two genres - strategy and arcade.
Events in the game takes place in a hypothetical Oort Cloud surrounding our Solar system. Warring Lords learn new asteroids and build their base, in parallel with the robbery, capturing enemy asteroids and trade. The game will not be the army units - only the Generals and their space ships that can swing in levels, and their crew - officers, with super powers, which they draw from runes mysterious race of precursors.
War lords will not only be mutual destruction. They will have to confront a mysterious race of aliens who arrived in the solar system to search for runes and artifacts of the forerunners. They can be found on asteroids and the arena in which their most powerful ships sometimes fly, destroying everything in its path.
The project is cross-platform, which means that you can play using the same account on different platforms: Web browser, the customer's PC (Win, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The game is developed on the Unity engine, c single server, cluster, built on Cloud technology of its own design that provides the ability to have unlimited gaming universe.
To access the game, you must register an account at the link
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Starfall Perseid

Nearing completion of warm and carefree summer days, but in space, it is not so easy.
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For all lovers of swamps, rubber boots, mosquito and catch the big one in honor of the Fisherman's Day running event.

Black Friday

Here will start the sale on a planetary scale in the Oort Cloud! Starting with 24 and ending on 27 November
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Halloween in the Oort Cloud!

The Earth fleet reports about the strange activity of Aliens, and calls upon all Lords to protect the Oort Cloud!
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Halloween close

In everyone's heart Lord there is no place for the word “fear”, but daresay brave Lords are afraid of the aliens, especially because they are going to make it hot
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World space week

Astrology! Today began significant event for great Lords and all of humankind, the world space week.
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Astro Lords: Autumn harvest

For anybody not a secret that winter is coming and now we should think about the preparation for it. As well, in the midst of the harvest Season.
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The day of knowledge

Knowledge is power! And that every Lord was able to feel the power of knowledge from 29 August to 7 September meet the occasion of the Knowledge Day in the Oort Cloud:
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Blood moon

For many not a secret that on 7 August, the inhabitants of planet Earth are able to observe a partial lunar Eclipse — "blood moon"
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