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Victory Day

Victory Day Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

Let the invincible strength of the spirit will help to break the armor of the Alien, your courage is always rewarded, and courage and honor will give confidence in the Victory.

Congratulations with the holiday – Victory Day!

In honor of the game from 9 to 12 may will operate the following activities:

1. Greeting task.
2. Special bonuses from the Fleet of Land:
- RAM damage +75%
- shield resistance +25%
- 5 times the experience for first win
- special battle mode in the Arena - team battle against aliens
- damage to wild dog and the strength of barriers +150%
- the production rate at plants +100%

Discount from faction Vendors:
3. Reset skills and dismissal of the Captains -90%
4. Premium service Invisibility in the radar -75%

5. Rumor has it that a fleet of Pirates with booty wrecked in an Unusual nebula. We'd try our luck and send Explorers in search of Improvements.

6. Our spies tell us that Alien has been a failure and now many of them are moving in the direction of the Oort cloud. It is necessary to monitor the scene, so none of them broke!

7. And on may 10 expect a competition with special prizes from the color of the Harold Clayton Urey.

Let the explosions are just fireworks ...
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  • Date: 05 May 2019 13:49

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