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    1,5 ГГц, 512 Гб, 128 Мб видео
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    1,5 ГГц, 512 Гб, 128 Мб видео
Axel & Pixel very nice and pleasant kazulnyh adventure with a touch arcade spirit. Artist Axel with a friend orange thin-legged dog Pixel yourself in the fantasy world of dreams, and to choose the main characters have to take the gold key at the opposite pink-cartoon rat, which constantly runs away, and the heroes, respectively, constantly catching up. That's actually the whole story that unfolds, frankly, on the background downright magic pictures.
Each level is one two-dimensional screen, from which we must help Axel out, interacting with the phenomena and objects fantastic world of the game. We should not delude ourselves at first simple ways of solving game problems. The complex transmission levels are constantly increasing, adding literally in a gigantic chain of actions.
But in addition to the logical action game will offer more and arcade mini-games, the highlight of which is that we manage items not directly can only indirect actions. For example, to guide the balloon, we should, as in this balloon to strike or to remove the flow of hot air.
And finally, on the whole the game leaves a very strange experience because of deliberate discordance in the design, which is truly unique game world.
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