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As such, the story of Batman: Arkham Origins does not know the subjunctive mood, in contrast to the same comic. So surprising that the superheroes every five years you cannot change your age, biography, age... basically anything you want. Batman is just as much a chameleon, he was in the future, was going to retire, and... was accused of homosexuality.
Batman in the Arkham series was much more conservative. However, if Arkham City continued and developed ideas Arkham Asylum, here Arkham Origins boring staying in one place.
Oh what a tough little mouse...
Bruce Wien literally a year ago graduated numerous martial arts and their shastania around the globe. It is this rise in Arkham Origins, the prequel to the entire series about Batman. The last young and impulsive, and even Alfred never ceases to remind us that Christmas is desirable to meet for dinner, but not beating numerous bandits.
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Jim Gordon not fully familiar with Batman, and gladly would they arrested him.

Fortunately superhero until he caught my eye the most snarling villains. However, Black Mask decides to promise 50,000,000 dollars to anyone who would bring him the head of the Black knight, and then all 8 of villains decide what should be done with the Batman. Picture complements Roman Sionis who has done things in the prison Blackhat, and now all my existence begs for such a good slap.
From the outset begin to think that the writers are not all in the head. Judge for yourself, eight villains will hunt for Batman twenty hours of game time? But oddly enough - everything is back to save the Joker. It is foolish to argue with the fact that he's already decently tired of his presence, but where, as in Arkham Origins, it actually helps the game. The Joker also just started their "creative way", and therefore not yet finally crazy, but extremely close to it. He even wears branded purple suit and costs of ordinary vest, shirt and cloak. And believe me, this outfit somewhere more suited to him. However his tricks and principle practically no surprise... But Harlin Quesnel has not completely spoiled!!!
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Meet is a kind of "beta" of the Joker. And maybe alpha.
Batman also can not be called perfect. He is constantly in tension, often makes mistakes (Especially in critical situations), and can sometimes throw shaped tantrum. Unfortunately the whole story will be allocated only that, but not great.
When the hero is upset...
Arkham Origins is an open world, but the story campaign overshadows all other classes in the Gotham. Also the developers are not managed as you should saturate the campaign in various events, the main character can drive for one little thing for a couple of hours. Levels sometimes amazing, but alas, not in a good way. Try to take the plant, Sewerage and traditional police - don't notice any difference. On the other hand Gotham and should be so dark and hopeless. By the way, I would like to mention that on the streets of snow. And this greatly helps Arkham Origins, complementing the atmosphere of the game as needed. Developers quite comical closed the question - "where are the civilians of Gotham". It appears the snow is so strong that everyone should stay at home because of storm warnings. Yeah, for Christmas will all be sitting at home because of the snow. Alas, but to see the streets of someone in addition to passers-by and bandits will not work.
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Wow, Black mask, a new villain! And no, disappeared almost after the first splash screen...
You can see that the developers were very lean for the game, and was just afraid to change anything. Take for example the gear Batman, the movie did not change anything. Want an ice grenade from Arkham City? Please, only now it's called cool. Same thing with rafts of ice, except that the color changed from blue to bright green.
Fighting has also migrated from the previous game. They fight on the same principle, hunt criminals in the "Predator" also. Bosses also not surprised, they are either pumped by thugs, or prompt the Dodgers. In common to talk about the secondary game can go on forever, so I would like to mention the highlights. For example from the last part of "cut" (Yes. Yes, it is cut and not took) duel with RAS-al-Hum. Sometimes I even begin to learn animation from Arkham City. And even Bane, which will have to beat as many as four times during one pass and done it will be one and the same scheme.
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Thanks to numerous tests, I want to learn new techniques.
Fly like a butterfly, fights like a tiger.
After we scolded the new Batman for the secondary, now you can compliment the gameplay. Yes, it is completely copied from Arkham city. But remarkably pure! The game is divided roughly into two Polovinkina is a typical fight, where the player confronts a lot of riffraff. If You will have time to press the button that Batman will be quick to parry, counter and just relish beating bullies. Batman - the same beat em up, fun and interesting, but given the fact that the game has greatly increased the number of fights, play has become slightly boring.
Yes and boevku sometimes change is not too beautiful. Very often the hero is not contraataque because beating someone else, and cannot respond to blow another opponent. In this case the game like freezes, showing slow-motion. Also enemies have learned greatly shorten the distance enough kick technique, they can just to be near You incomprehensible way. Oh, those developers...
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Bandits here do not know how to fight fairly. And do not blame them, and developers.
Will not go away and hanging from the ceiling Batman, where you have to slowly eliminate enemies one by one. Constantly moving from gargoyle to gargoyle, parallel incapacitating vrazhin.
Collecting the experience You will gain new levels, and gradually open will open all new abilities. Almost all of them we also saw in the last game, but the developers decided to gather all in the skill tree. Now to open the most important combination of punches need to improve armor Batman, and only then You will reach them. However, using skills, you can diversify the gameplay, if you try.
The investigation will deal with Batman.
And what you spend your free time? Arkham Origins is somewhat similar to the series of Assassin's Creed, as the number of side quests here is enormous. Take, for example, the repeaters of Enigma, as the game simply outrageous number. To break them is not a problem - this is done in one hit, but considering how many of them... No really, thank you.
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Hat with ears 7500$. Cloak of overpricing material 60-th size 10000$. Flying in the sky is priceless.
Many additional jobs look like the hunt for debris. Drugs, weapons, same repeaters - you just need to go and click one button, but sometimes you need to calm serious protection. In the doorways often fight the bandits, and it is also subject to investigation. If the investigation can be called a simple beating. It is true there are far more interesting tasks such as hacking radiowise. In each radio tower contains a lot of enemies and puzzles. Yes and investigation pleasing to the player.
Investigations are the most interesting of all side quests. Batman deals with the study of crime scenes, and due to the special vision, he manages to compare numerous items and put them in the reconstruction of the events happened recently. The latter can even be run as a normal video (mind immediately comes to Remember Me). During the surveillance video, you should notice all the little things that used to escape from Batman. Well, after we found out who actually committed the crime is going to punish them. Quickly and brutally.
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Clues to look for and it seems interesting, but I feel like mentally impaired. Everything is too simple.
Is it interesting? Rather Yes than no, in comparison with the investigations in the previous parts looks very vigorously. Also in Gotham to find the true side mission. This will happen after You meet Shiva, the Hatter and dangerous sniper Deadshot. If You itch - you could try going for Enigma, but this clever little devil, as usual will leave our hero with his nose. And still, during the adventure between dark skyscrapers knowing that we cheated stubbornly will not want to disappear.
Hunting for mice.
Most of the players were skeptical that Arkham Origins will appear online. If You are a theorist, something will be really sad, because the network mode can be called an ode to Batman in tights. Who on earth will he fight?
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Strayed from the team? Batman goes for You!!!
However, the company Splash Damage (it was involved in the development of the network part) still escaped. Maybe it's not the best result, but given the fact that these guys many times created multiplayer, and even did their own multiplayer games, but they turned out.
Multiplayer games can opisite as follows - ka map has a particularly important facility, which will be two teams fighting criminals - some will play under the command of Bane, and others will obey the Joker. Each team contains three people, and there are a number of revivals. Clones are rife with explosives... and the airship. As for their opponents, they use drones and Ahluwalia dart. Oh yeah, in addition teams use shotguns, machine guns, pistols and so on. Something here similar battle with Gotham City Impostors.
Batman: Arkham Origins
?Multiplayer is not single. Batman here have a hard time.
In multiplayer you can play for Bane or the Joker. At one point the head of the gang reach the field of battle and begin to knock on a special door. Who let the leader they will become. By the way, Bane is very different from the Joker. The latter is rather weak, but it catastrophically powerful gun and a grenade launcher. The Bane to calm catastrophically difficult, especially hinders his huge rocket launcher.
And rush it turns out all these bandits on the map, engaged in the capture control points. BUT! Here then there is Batman, and in certain modes and Robin. The Batman is not murder everyone on the battlefield, he is obliged simply to intimidate, with both teams. Batman slowly pounding bandits (And no matter which team), and is gradually filled with a special indicator of the fear of the bat. If the light will be full of gang spit on the Joker and Bane and just came down from the battlefield.
If multiplayer is not introduced Batman would be quite dull and boring, in the end what a normal game can be teams of three on three? However, when you understand that each gray corner you can watch Batman... Waiting to grab you and to deprive of consciousness... In such a second understand that multiplayer is not so bad, especially when you consider that Batman and Robin are playing real people. There is already becoming still on control points and a team game, trying to find Bats and looks at you. The game is similar to Left 4 Dead.
To sum it up:
Arkham Origins is a copy of Arkham City. And if you do not pay attention to every defect that turned out very well. Fighting a dynamic and fast, winning only focusing to the limit, especially if You sat down for a second pass. The mode of hunting is still interesting, but because of their own experiences of Warner Brothers game looks somewhat sad. The story is full of holes, it is strong stretched and bosses nagarabhavi and boring. Arkham Origins is just a passing episode.
What I liked:
-Addictive online mode.
-Atmospheric snowy Gotham.
Everything that was supposed to work works as it should.
And it's terribly annoying:
-No progress.
I can feel a constant delay.
Bosses are the worst in the entire series.
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