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Battlefield 1942 - a game that won the hearts of a large number of users worldwide. Stalingrad, Kursk, Berlin and other hot spots, in them you will have to participate and lead your team to victory. The rules are simple, who quickly end points, and he lost. Each combat unit is considered as such, a simple military arithmetic, nothing more.
The game has a multiplayer mode of passage, however, if you are a proponent of a single, against you will perform bots, which, undoubtedly, will not give in combat training. To the battle dragged on for days, gamers will have a task to capture the key points that will help to earn the victory.
In the battle that involved several warring parties: Germany, Russia, UK and others. Each has its own special weapons and technology. A significant difference that distinguishes the game from others similar is the possibility of unfolding the fighting not only in the air and on the ground, but also on the water. To do this, you will be given a choice of 30 different vehicles. Lead your team to victory and defeat the enemy on his land, in turn capturing control points.
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