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Battlefield 2: Special Forces - can safely be called a new full addon, not addition. You will have a choice of six different special groups, for which you can play. In addition to several units of spetsnaz are the insurgents and terrorists. The developers did not miss the chance and came up with the troops with the name Russian spetsnaz, which emphasized their individuality and originality of action and communication.
The Arsenal was also replenished, now it includes: smoke grenade, a night vision device, tear gas and much more. Now everyone gets a chance to feel a real agent and play "male" games.
In the game there are forces support, which have a peculiar mode of the game and adds a certain action. To see how obochiny grenades saboteur rushes into the heart of the enemy's lair. A large number of dark areas, where even the smallest flash can blind man, even if you wear night vision device. However, the developers have done their best, and it's worth a try for yourself
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