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    3 GHZ, 2 GB, 256 MB Video
Battlefield 2142 - the game takes place in the future, in 2142, when the planet will begin to capture the glaciers.
Despite all future problems, humanity does not change its principle and continues to wage war for the impoverished territory, where to date you can move without special suit. The majority of the population of the planet were divided into two clans: the European Union and Palasiatica coalition.
You begin the game for an ordinary soldier and will be able to choose any of the favourite of the parties and help them achieve success.
Everything has changed beyond recognition, and now even in the most luxurious metropolis combat operations are being conducted with the use of supernovae and destructive weapons. As heavy artillery are heavy and huge robots, which are not inferior in maneuverability your Creator - man. The events lead to the complete destruction of civilization.
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Hearing: hints DICE on Battlefield 2143?

Not only Valve loves to torture his fans vague hints on future announcements. Studio DICE was also observed for this sinful activity: in 2006, she added in a set of maps for Battlefield 2 a couple of hints, points to Battlefield 2142. The game was announced shortly after the appearance pashalok", in the same year. Since past five years. Released Battlefield 3, the first set of cards - Back to Karkand. And in one of the corners of the map Wake Island eyed players saw the mysterious figures - 2143.
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