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Literally at the beginning of the single player campaign of Battlefield 4 instantly killed two dogs. Say, what is this mere coincidence, or stone in the garden of Infinity Ward - we don't dare. But one say just - DICE is able to create stunning action without any dogs.
As said by the developers Battlfield 4 is the most ambitious project on which Studio he worked for all time. Now Battlefield is not just a network battles - it and the single player campaign. Exactly with this review we'll start.
The single player campaign.
Any revelations from the story is not worth waiting, because of the treacherous East raises the risk of a third world conflict, and even in China is a military coup. The only adequate presidential candidate killed (According to the official version - it was made by the American secret services), and the rule of Admiral Cheng - national leader full of bellicosity, which is seeking support from Russia and attack the United States. Okay, let's say, the story is extremely naive and sometimes even fantastic, but at the head of the plot of the fourth Battlefield are not political opposition, and the relationship of the main characters.
Battlefield 4
?Map Operation Locker will meet the player's raging snowstorm. To shoot accurately is hard, in particular due to sapotaweyak glass sights.
Somewhere at the top generals solve complex politically and military tasks, and our group "Tombstone" is engaged in a military operation Baku, which is not very good. We learn with the main characters not too suitable moment - they are all in the car which quickly sinks. Shouts the song Turn Around from Bonnie Tyler, and the commander of the tightly stuck in the back of the machine, and it is unlikely to pull out. He decides to rescue three members of the squad, sacrificing their own lives.

In just two minutes the writers managed fairly rough, but still a detailed description of the main characters. Clayton Pakowski constantly try to hohmuth, which will mask your fear unnecessary and not funny comments for any reason. As for the black Kimble greivsa (Irish) is this guy cares only about himself, and constantly challenged the orders. As for our main character is Daniel Raker, he reminds me of Gordon Freeman. Yes, he is always silent, but the partners do not hesitate to regularly wash it with tons of useful and not very much information.
Battlefield 4
? This is our Irish. He's always trying to save the many victims of the war, but it is not every time.
But! The dialogues of the characters is quite interesting. They are vivid enough, especially if you do not shove ahead of the engine and to empower them to speak out as follows. Battlefield 4 contains just incredible number of hidden conversations, with which the writers skillfully filled pause between fights. Philosophizing about anything, life stories and regular jokes - Yes, whatever you want to be.
Wait for the revelation in the story plan from Battlefield 4 would be a complete nonsense, especially given the fact that Patrich Bach has long recognized the fact that DICE is much better cope with the gameplay part, than with the plot. Of course it is partly disingenuous, single part of the previous game was far from being a masterpiece, and was the same CoD, only much more high-tech. However, Battlefield 3 was linear, zakryptovane and was constantly besieged player ten-mate if he walked in the direction from the original developers of the line.
In the end, it seems that the single-player campaign is not polished properly. DICE has not fixed minor bugs and not too skillfully put the scripts. This is another confirmation of the fact that DICE put, put, and will likely put a multiplayer mode in priority. However, if you deprive Battlefield single player campaign that many will be terribly annoyed by the existence of one only multiplayer. However, six of the appendage from the point of view of the DICE is not worth the necessary effort, so it is not surprising that the main forces were thrown on multiplayer.
Battlefield 4
?Paracel Storm - amazing card. And let the picture difficult to see strong winds and monstrous downpour, but just trust me, it's impressive.
Network battles.

?Movie fully dedicated to multiplayer battles fast, elegant and beautiful. A real war. Except to die here to infinity.
In multiplayer simply do not have the disadvantages of the single-player campaign. I would also like to note the fact that on each map there is a certain object, "spoiling" You change the topography of the level. Sadly the only thing that in the beginning of the battle, all players rushing headlong to such facilities, in order to personally destroy him. I hope with time it will come to naught.
Battlefield 4
?At one point cards Golmund Railway trains almost never stops.
As you can see the Levolution system was implemented, and present it on absolutely every level. In some place You can destroy a skyscraper destroying the particular design, and the entire map for a certain time to plunge into dust, what aim will be incredibly difficult. Also need to round arisen ruins. On other maps You will be able to undermine the enormous pipe, after the explosion, which will appear on the map the debris, preventing both infantry and vehicles.
The effect is not limited to huge interactive objects, attention was paid to small. You can disconnect a specific location, it is easy to see a soldier who inadvertently ran through a metal detector. To study these things have a long time, and believe me, this is exciting, because it is impossible to predict where I'll have to find another meanness, or to arrange that the enemy team. It is foolish to argue that over time this will become commonplace, but in this case there is a huge space for tactical maneuver. Yes, and imagine how it will be fun to discuss with friends military tales from the category: "Kemper I mean in the basement of a sniper, and my head through the ruined ceiling landed tank.
Battlefield 4
?Post-processing and effects of Battlefield 4 I want to praise and praise. The picture is bright and juicy, a head taller than the third part.
Cards are huge on their own dimensions. So much so that different areas can vary the gameplay. Let's take as an example the map Flood Zone - on the roof there is always chaos, seems to have much to hide, but to predict where will run out once the enemy is simply unrealistic. In the Parking lot all the way around, smooth sailing. The space is open and very visible, so surprises there practically does not happen. But in the far entrance going any armor, there occurs a tank war.
New modes Battlefield 4
In the fourth part debuted two new modes, on which I would like to highlight.
The first is the Obliterationthat kills nerve cells to cheer. At one point of the map there is a bomb, you need to pick up and go to the opponents base. If You do not have a coordinated team, the game will be damn hard. Usually no one cares about the protection of the base, everyone is running for the bomb, capture which is a huge problem, because near it trampled several dozen of his enemies. However, if You manage to capture be sure that the enemy base is already undermined, because of protection and no one cares.
The second mode - Defuse, this is the straight Hello from Counter-Strike. Only 6 rounds, half of which we try to place a bomb in one of the two points and wait for its detonation. After three rounds, the teams change places. Despite the fact that the gameplay is almost identical to CS, is played completely differently. There is no purchase weapons, to revive during the round endlessly, and the levels in Battlefield can not be called simple.
Battlefield 4
?During a storm the boat just frantically beating waves, but the soldiers are well on Board.
One of the advantages of multiplayer Battlefield 4 - each to decide how he was going to play it. One will run for the plane, the second saddle tank and will be accepted for the destruction of buildings, the third will be from afar to shoot tanks, missiles, and the fourth quietly anchors on the other end of the map with SV-98 with a silencer and will be watching with a smile at all this turmoil, periodically putting headshots...
Despite the fact that players can turn the game into a real farce, killing snipers wing aircraft or by jeep C4, turning them into Shahid-mobiles network battles in Battlefield 4 look more serious nowhere.
What we found:
  • Fantastic sound.
  • On every map in multiplayer reigns own mood.
  • Good mode Defusе.
  • In the single player campaign was a place
the multiplayer elements.
But it makes us upset:
  • Stupid and uninteresting story about another threat of a third world war.
  • Periodic failures of the single-player campaign.

Battlefield 4 has a full right to be proud of their own multiplayer, but the single player campaign is not without many flaws. But now the joke of the developers about the fact that "high-Tech devices are created due to the high Swedish quality" is really appropriate, because DICE can and creates a game at such a high level. What is Battlfield 4 another proof of this.
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