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Battletoads and Double Dragon is one of the most vibrant and dynamic games of the 1990's, a true legend in the 8-bit consoles. In addition to the fascinating story, the game is remembered great graphics and music. The main characters of adventure are masters of martial arts Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee from the series "Double Dragon" and three frog-mutant from the game "Battletoads", which will have to confront the Dark Queen, threatening to destroy our planet.
Each of the incredible five has a unique fighting techniques, which have to actively use it during the passage of missions. In General, a variety of combat system is a distinctive feature of the game. The style of the passage of "Battletoads and Double Dragon" and the actions of the gamer is not too dependent on the choice of this or that character, however, fights, especially the final to finish off the enemy, visually transformed.
In the game for more than ten long levels that differ from each other not only in appearance but also content. Before the final battle with the Dark Queen the hero have to fight hundreds of enemies, which are not repeated from level to level and require special techniques. The main action of the game takes place in three-dimensional space, however, some points in two dimensions.
Making his way to the goal, the gamer will have to learn to manage air motorcycle, space boat and go down the rope through a number of operating circular saws. At the end of each level you will face the evil boss, to cope with which in some cases by violent pressure, and in others only by accurate and careful strokes. The popularity of "Battletoads and Double Dragon" is largely due to the ability to simultaneously play together that makes a competitive motive and requires mutual reciprocity.
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