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BioShock is a first part of the cult franchise of the same name, which differs from analogues twisted plot, interesting findings and philosophical thoughts. Start with the fall of the aircraft in the Atlantic ocean. The protagonist's name is Jack,and he is a true lucky, because finds a hidden entrance to the city of Delight. Using batisfera he plunged into a new world where he is met by a local resident Atlas. But that's just fine earlier the city is inhabited by ghosts and mutants, and they will have to unravel many mysteries.
The first person shooter attracts users the ability to interact with different types of weapons and modification abilities. For these purposes, gamers are given plasmids "Sipper" the human body is impossible.
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2K will soon announce the re-release of BioShock?

Suddenly on the website of the company 2K Games there was mention about the BioShock collection: The Collection, which, apparently, should include remastered games the BioShock series for new-gen platforms.
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