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The game Br?tal Legend is the most unusual, the funniest and most detailed banter over culture heavy metal. The main character is Eddie Riggs, with habits, voice and appearance Jack black, controls concert tour with any band sugary new metal. He is a master of all trades, he watches the scene, and puts on the light, and even adjusts guitar musicians. But one day at Eddie falls giant stage decoration, wounding him, and a drop of blood falls on the "demonic" his belt buckle, which suddenly comes to life and takes him to a parallel world, copied from cover bands, playing classic heavy metal.
The universe Br?tal Legend is experiencing eternal Apocalypse. From the sky falling meteorites, landscape "picturesque" adorn the tower of skulls and strange metal construction. Naturally, the world Br?tal Legend inhabit metalheads who were enslaved demon Devikulam using controlled by him glam-rockers. Of course, there are resistance is the Prince who can speak beautifully and thoughtfully staring into the distance, his sister-blonde, who obsessively jealous of his girlfriend-the rocker girl. Therefore, all resistance is reduced to nightly campfires and conversations that before music was real.
But here comes Eddie Riggs and seems to be the throne of the demon of DeviceLock swayed.
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It will be possible continuation

CEO of Double Fine Productions recently made a very interesting statement, which was discussed about a possible continuation of the project Brutal Legend.
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