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Insides is a game, narrating about hired grouping Dead Echo. The main task of the latter is the protection of the Confederation. But in the moment when several team members understand that the fight is not for them, cast them out into the wilderness of the universe on a distant planet. Action start developing in the moment when the main characters surrounded by cannibals and mutants. Now the main task of the protagonists was survival, and revenge person, misdirected them to the edge of the galaxy. The player will play the role of Grayson hunt owning fighting techniques and big guns. Also you will be pleased with a variety of gameplay and graphics.
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Bulletstorm - Review

Science is inexorably moves forward kilometer steps, the progress is not in place, the most direct way this also applies to the gaming industry. Every year, technologically, the game gets a step closer to reality. And not far the time when the virtual entertainment will be indistinguishable from reality.
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