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Caesar 3 is a computer company strategy Impressions Games . This is a very complex intellectual game. After all gamers need to take into account many different factors, namely: the resources of the province, availability of markets, promotion of goods and raw materials. You need to constantly monitor the provision of city by-products, as well as to control entertainment, education and medicine, to regulate the employment of the local people.
The game has 11 levels. The first job training, after which the player is awarded a rank of the clerk. For each level you have a choice peaceful or military province. The Emperor can be only after the construction of at least ten cities.
To win the job, you need to reach a certain level by criteria such as "culture", "Mir", "population size, location, Caesar" and "prosperity". The rating of culture depends on the number of entertaining and educational institutions in calculation on one person. To improve the ranking of prosperity need to create a quality living conditions for plebeians and patricians. The rating of the world directly proportional to the peaceful existence of the province. Need to prevent the loss (he raises himself).
Supporting all indicators in order, you can achieve prosperity of the province. That's the main goal of the whole game.
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