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Call of Duty - shooter game about the Second world war. The game is very interesting, to see the war from the side of American, Russian and English soldier.
Using the single player mode, there is a possibility to war one soldier and of course multiplayer. Useful to pass a job playing for some of the soldiers: American Joey Martin, English Sergeant Jack Evans, and our compatriot Alexei Ivanovich Voronin.
Sending to the next mission, the player explain the job, show him excerpts from a diary, or share the background, showing pictures of war. To fulfill all the orders of their commanding officers, it is necessary in order to complete all the missions, in strict chronological order.
The game has four difficulty levels, and will be able to go through them, the player only withstood all wounds. The scale of life filled kits during the game. All armament and uniforms of soldiers in the game exact copy uniforms four armies: USA, UK, Germany and the USSR.
Call of Duty has received honorary awards and the award "game of the year from the Academy of interactive arts and Sciences, ahead of many famous games. Gamers game will enjoy and absolutely impossible to break away until it's over.
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Above the Call of Duty working professionals from Sledgehammer Games

To information gamers, just recently, the company Activision Blizzard was etceteras for the last quarter of 2013. And for the quarter it turned out very interesting information. According to a team of Activision Blizzard on further development of the project Call of Duty will work as much as three teams - Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games.
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CoD was created to eliminate the Medal Of Honor series

In these days of Call of Duty is one of the most desirable and best-selling series postrelushka around the world, but in the beginning of the century it was competing with the game Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The boat will go exactly as You called it - most likely Infinity Ward along with Activision created a new series with an eye to this folk wisdom.
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