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Call of Duty: Ghosts is the destruction of the United States space impact, many falling skyscrapers and faithful shepherd. Whether this is enough to get around the Battlefield?
All who in any way criticizes annually beyond the Call of Duty, have long understood the fact that masses of people acquire a new part not for the sake of sighs looking at old technology and a predictable plot, but rather to just have fun. This contributes to the firing of the coolest weapons in the world, which is easy and unobtrusive. The single player campaign is rather a preparation for the multiplayer, and hardly anyone pays any attention to.
If You have already purchased or are going to buy Call of Duty: Ghosts, it is best not to pay attention to single-user mode, and to rush into the jungle multiplayer, because everybody has long understood that apprentices from Treyarch ago went to Infinity Ward in terms of single-user mode. And Infinity Ward continues to impose falling skyscrapers and space attack, not even trying to make in single mode drop trash and fun.

Although it is necessary to say a few words about the plot. To undermine the States decided cancers from the mountain, and the powerful Federation of Latin America. And now with the peace they have quite poorly, Mexicans spit on cooking burritos and tacos and wear suits, and after the attack on the space station at which is located One - destructive and terrible weapon. Not to lie, at this moment before my eyes sweeps is that not the best scene in the game: looking at floating in a weightless bodies of killed enemies and enjoying stunning views of our planet have simultaneously shoot the remaining enemies. Beautiful, stylish, interesting. The scene is awesome, but then Ghosts presses the brake pedal to the floor, and begins almost drivel...
Call of Duty: Ghosts
?Beautiful... it is a Pity that such moments take a maximum of 5% of the time the single player campaign.
At first, even start to believe that the game will remain so until the end... But... in a few moments we are back on earth among the worthless companions, who only know how to shout about grenades, and that the enemies spotted RPG. Uninteresting special forces, constant moves from one shelter in another (completely unnecessary), and "stunning" bosses helicopters. In General can exhale - Ghosts differs from the previous parts only appeared shepherd Riley. She became the main character of the game. However, it does not have time to enjoy as it should, with her we'll meet in the end and the beginning of the game. But otherwise about the dog just forgot. Sometimes she even give control to silently kill the next time. Ghosts this is the game that pretends that she's a big guy, but actually is not. For example, the first full mission on Earth shows us the great wall of Los Angeles and deer that jump around on the ruins of the great once-a civilization that disappeared ten years ago. Passing this point, before the eyes of gamers will experience the same level of The Last of Us.
The game does not develop the theme of the Apocalypse, so we will run quite familiar military bases, airfields and skyscrapers that destruction does not seem to be affected. Even after the United States were completely destroyed by the soldiers of Latin America guarding nuclear weapons at their plant in Rio. Nuclear warheads required for complete elimination of the surviving cities in the U.S., and completely destroy the tiny group of "Ghosts", part of which is our ward.
Call of Duty: Ghosts
?It seems that the underwater and space levels was not created by Infinity Ward, and third-party Studio, so they stand out.
The closer the end of the stronger starts to encroach boredom. The constant fall of the protagonist, unnatural screams of the soldiers and bustle - it seems that you pass the single-player campaign Ghosts through the power, because you just need. And not save not falling skyscrapers, no permanent BAM-BAM-babababa that don't impress. However, after a couple of hours mockery of the last pushes with the sensational and well advertised underwater level, which seemed to relax and wakes up. Happy start to explore the wrecks of many ships and thousands of timid fish. Alas, but that's all the charm of the single-player campaign and over. Perhaps an underwater level would be even more cool if Infinity Ward has improved graphics, but they decided to do it by adding textures in high resolution and good lighting. However, even playing on PC not to notice some of the next gene.
Save can only weapons because shooting is still fun, even the sounds of the weapons have changed, and even added new ones. Despite numerous promises of any serious destructible and has not appeared, and looking at how "realistic" the fall of the body of the defeated enemies start to think that CoD normal physics bodies will not appear in principle. Never.
However, the multiplayer mode is still gay. You can say one thing - if You like multiplayer previous parts, this should be like. Everything here is also happening permanent chaos. And to master the game in CoD will not take more than five minutes, so the game will fit even the casual players. Map seems to be made even smaller, so constantly bump into friends and enemies. That is, sit down with sniper, and to sit more than a minute just unreal. Usually the player lives of thirty to ninety seconds. It seems that the developers wanted to emphasize how absurd their multiplayer, and introduced a new mode End. Its essence consists in the following - and more often kill more live. What, no one was able to kill twenty seconds? Then a malicious explosive machine on Your body will be activated and You will die.
The number of available modes is through the roof. You can try to play in a team, and you can find a mode where all are enemies. There is even a sort of co-op, so what to do there. Sometimes playing in multiplayer games it seems that the developers have introduced a shepherd, too, for the sake of multiplayer. The thought comes exactly when You are rushing an enemy soldier and a German shepherd too. And believe me - to bring them both down nearly impossible, especially considering that the "friends of man" quick and Jyrki, and they kill with one bite.
Call of Duty: Ghosts
?Multiplayer still is the basis, a steel rod CoD. But only a month or two it will become clear, it came out or not.
Of course that Ghosts are not made (And not going) any revolution, with which the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox One would be a real event. Let's be honest - in the new CoD developers just gently repeated the best ideas from the previous parts, so for fans of multiplayer may soon exhaust itself. Multiplayer here is good and fast. Only what I would like to claim, is to maps. Even for a team of six they are extremely small, and to learn where the exits, entrances and alleys can literally half an hour. And the result is not gameplay, and a permanent seat in place and wait until the enemy will run victim. Well, let's hope that the new maps will succeed.
The single - player campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts just fabulous fall down, especially when compared to Black Ops (Both parts). Yes, he may briefly draw, but most of the single player campaign You will yawn and nod. Ghosts worth taking for the sake of numerous multiplayer modes and co-op. There is a boring campaign, women, aliens, dogs and a stunning (albeit old) multiplayer. If You are looking for a fun and unobtrusive entertainment - this is the game for You.
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Two multiplayer maps

Despite the hype surrounding Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with Kevin spacey in the title role, Infinity Ward continues to support CoD Ghosts and actively promoting the next multiplayer DLC.

Arts ghosts

Game series Call of Duty first showed what they are capable in 2003 on the engine from Quake and still comes out on it.
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Will the demo version freely available

Activision is going to make the release a free demo version of the popular component of Call of Duty: Ghosts. As I looked over our informants, the Internet has leaked information that can reveal about future intentions of the developers on the continuation of the line.
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Information for players on PS4

Company New Disk conveys important information about the Russian version of the game Call of Duty: Ghosts for PlayStation 4. As it turned out, and with impeccable companies mistakes happen.
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Shipped games 1 billion Gjorgov of Washingtonhow

The whole day new Call of Duty: Ghosts is on the shelves of stores, but Activision apparently sits pain in the same place, and they can't wait to share digits. As stated by the publisher, on the first day of sales, their offspring could earn more than a billion U.S. dollars. Approximately the same amount shipped copies of the game in many shops.
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All Megan Fox Lord

Another trailer CoD Ghosts, this time with the participation of Megan Fox.
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Demonstration of map Free Fall

Everyone knows that if You placed a pre-order for the new Call of Duty in one of the many retailers, You will get a bonus multiplayer map Free Fall, with video demonstration which You can see under the cut.
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In the game there will be aliens

Recently, the network appeared the screenshots, on which was shown the new mode "Extinction". Now the player will not fight back against the zombies, and aliens.
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