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Cashtronauts - space arcade.
The independent Studio is a project with an action component that invites us to go on a space trip. This topic is, to put it mildly, is not new, especially when talking about the project, developed by a Studio with a small budget. The computer as a medium for games overloaded such projects. And most of them are of extremely low quality. But it's not only the quality of the game from a technical point of view, but also in the thought. Of course, it is difficult to come up with something radically new, when it comes to the genre, order syestem. But in this case, to suffer something one either form or content. Unfortunately, space arcades like this suffer from both of the component. The project Cashtronauts is a two - dimensional game with a very simple physics and mechanics, and gameplay that copies most projects of this kind. Here and as will be discussed below.
Interface. Looking at the ships, planets, backgrounds, there is a strong feeling that it is special style, the plan developer, and that we must all be taken for granted. But why it looks like baby stuff?
The combat system. What we dare to call combat system that fits in the maximum in a few words. That is, it is a common petrauski without any kind of hints on training accuracy. You just need to precipitate heavy fire of the enemy spaceships. Does this mean that the combat system, as such, is not here?
The gameplay. The gameplay is no plot, but there are dynamics. Perhaps this can be considered a good sign, because we have a large field in face-up card.
What we can say in the end? The game is not suitable for hardcore gamers, but those who are familiar with virtual reality for the first time, you can try this game.
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