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Ceville (the adventures of Tirana) - a computer game in the genre of adventure. Developed it for the PC and iPhone company Realmforge Studios.
The plot develops in a small Dreamland Feerick, which is ruled by Sevil also dwarf, spiteful and aggressive tyrant. But rebelled against his people, and brought him down, and imprisoned in Tirana prison. However, the throne empty, and it took more vicious Basilio - magician. He's going to make to tremble from fear fabulous people, but against him up the forces of Good...
The main characters of the tale - Sevil, Lily a little girl and bully Ambrose begin the struggle against the tyrant...
Win it good to evil, as in any fairy tale? This will be known at the end of this funny, witty, and beautiful game.
It is inhabited by many characters: there are gnomes and elves, Jinn and the fairy godmother, the merchant and the pirate zombie. There is in it, and the demon with red eyes.
The game has many funny situations with a large dose of humor, lots of adventures, very similar to the adventures of the "monkey Island" and "Shrek".
Assessment Ceville critics were mixed. But the article in the magazine "Igromania" noted that it is a perfect example of funny quest, fun and memorable, which are well chosen palette of colors and music.
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