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    CPU 1 ГГц, 256 Мб, 32 Мб видео
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    CPU 2 ГГц, 512 Мб, 128 Мб видео
Chessmaster. Grandmaster Edition is one of a large number of simulations of chess. What good is this? First of all, the fact that this series is one of the oldest, it all worked out and perfected just to detail.
A notable feature that will appeal to children, became a special mode where the place of traditional shapes take rabbits in different funny provisions. Painted all very nice and qualitatively, therefore, looks great. Adult and serious chess fans will certainly appreciate the update modes of learning.
In the frames of the computer analyzes, writes and comments on all the moves of the participants, after which it is possible to study the mistakes of the party and thus to improve skills. There is also an interactive book from Josh Waitzkin called "The Art of Learning", which describes the main recommendations to extract useful lessons from their own defeats. In Grandmaster Edition implemented already familiar slider to The King, able to become a serious opponent for every fan of chess.
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