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Large-scale addition:
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior is a very large addition to Medieval Warfare, which brings into play many of the new weapons, maps, and character classes.
Back to basics:
As for the previous game, i.e Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, it came to light after a successful campaign on Kickstarter, which has collected 85 thousand dollars, which exceeds 35 thousand desired by developers figure. Of course the authors wish to believe, and until the last players had hoped that the game reincarnated in commercial form at least at the level of free modifications. And even better.
In practice it turned out to be much worse. No, Medieval Warfare awful not enough to frantically close the game and don't remember about it never, sometimes the process of killing enemies is really addictive. And to throw enemies with spears and burn peaceful peasant houses sometimes... Exciting.
In General Medieval Warfare is a kind of paradoxical game. There is even a kind of pumping, the more enemies You kill the more you will open arms, but due to the extremely poor interface to understand what we received another batch of points is almost always impossible. Also there are a huge number of game types, but expert rules as such is absent. In principle, to understand it is possible (Though sometimes difficult), but still it's a shame that the developers here treat players. Chivalry requires Oh how much iron from the system. Perhaps the authors tend to think that all the players have bought computers for their games, not battlfield 3 (But the same). Again a paradox.
What??? In this game have physics???
If You really love the middle ages, and gladly did the swords of old skis in childhood, it is possible Chivalry will keep You on for a while. But thanks to the endless bugs and defects of the mind can survive the most balanced gamer. Series Chivalry is as sadomaso, you get a lot of irritation and even pain, but at the same time the sea of fun and pleasure. And these feelings constantly alternate only what You terribly glad that covered one of the guards just in my head with a crossbow, and then wonder how he survived and struck off the head of You already. Chivalry gives a lot of fun, but does it breaking all conceivable laws multiplayer games.
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