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Japanese developer, Studio, Idea Factory, once again created a project solely for the audience of the land of the Rising Sun. Why are we so chose? In some games there is no difference to what nationality they are - the main thing that was interesting. But with Chronostacia a very special case. Not only does the Studio once again went on a clear, known in advance to plan and chose a favourite style of narration. And it concerns first of all the graphics. The developers chose a favorite for most games for the PSP, PS VITA, and even the "older" consoles - PS3 and PS4 - the visual style of anime. And I especially love this style of game developers in the genre of adventure. And adventure these, for the most part, are diverse. Three-dimensional games are amazing, mainly the plot. And you can consider yourself lucky if his hands got it tremere. Sometimes users shoved game with top view, which, in addition, yet poorly detailed. Games of this type differ in the same way traditional gameplay with lots of dialogue. Sometimes they are distinguished by elaborate combat system, and some fresh ideas. Basically, the adventure in Japanese - it's an entertaining story and poor gameplay, and realized it's all hand-drawn graphics.
What is this game, it is hard to say, because the developers have not provided about her enough information. However, judging by the trailer, all the signs are there. However, this is not a bad option, and besides, for a portable game systems with legacy filling, which is PSP.
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