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As in all great, Sid Meier's Civilization 3 came out quietly and modestly with no fuss. Traditionally you start a lonely wanderer, timidly building its first city, and finish construction of the spacecraft on alpha Centauri. In General, the game has not received any not fundamental changes. What can I say? A classic is a classic. And to change something in "Civilization" is also stupid as to change the rules in chess.
The main changes in the game touched upon the cultural factor, which began to play a major role in the development of your civilization. Significantly increased the number of the wonders of the world, but their construction applied the principle of a large family who first stood up, and sneakers. Culture influences the mood of the inhabitants of the city, at low culture residents can take and to separate from the country and go over to the enemy.
In the third civilization army requires only the gold, and she is not tied to specific cities. Barbara settled down, and now make attacks from localized in space camps. Now the battle-hardened unique military units leaders that another way cannot be purchased. The leader able to form its own army of three units and increase the speed of construction wonder of the world.
There were other less significant innovations, which indicate that a real classic never grow old and never goes out of fashion.
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