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Civilization 4 - strategy, which is a continuation of known Civilization series. The total circulation of the mentioned series - 6 million copies. In October 2005 was held its release in the U.S. and Canada, and in November - in Europe. The interface has changed radically. Card game became animated. In 2006 and 2007, there were two additions (Warlords and Beyond the Sword, respectively).
The strategy must run the Empire. Before the start of the game there is a possibility to choose: map: basic, Pangaea or several continents; climate and sea level. There is also the possibility to change speed.
Winning is possible due to: a) political, b) cultural (if the nation has three cities with unique culture); C) technological dominance (if under the control of civilization is 25% of the population and 56% of land area) or the destruction of all other civilizations (the victory of winning). There is a possibility to also win on points.
Wide and chapels zoom in Civilization IV. The animation is very quickens the world: scurrying from one place to the other workers, swinging "rocker", leisurely river flows. Another feature is the rotation of the camera. Seriously expanded and the range of adjustments on the global map.
The game gives you the choice of civilization (18). Each of them has exceptional features and their leaders.
It is also worth noting that the rendering in the game is at very high level. In General, the game is worthy to be considered one of the best strategies, and new ideas give it maximum entertainment.
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The designer Civilization 4 had his own Studio

In the gaming industry the ball is ruled by staging shooters and interactive drama, but the real-time strategy gradually left out in the cold". The majority of veterans in the games industry upset because of no hardcorest in such conditions and speech cannot be. And yet there is hope...
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