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Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword is the addition to the video game Sid Meier's Civilization IV (Civilization IV Sid Meier) released in mid-2007. It has added 10 new civilizations, 12 scenarios, 16 rulers and 5 wonders of the world.
In the game it participant is allowed to operate on the selected Empire. The game begins in the ancient days, in 4000 BC and ends in 2050. Before starting the game you need to choose the card type and its size depends on how many civilizations will compete with the player. You can then select the climate and sea level, because it affects the landscape created maps, and found in it's resources.
Gamers need to manage civilization as well as any ruler of the modern state: to consider the results of the elections, to fight with enemies for power resources, to fight crime, etc.
To win the game, the player has the choice: either to dominate the cultural, either in the political or technology, or to destroy other civilizations.
At each turn, points are awarded. The end game - 2050. The winner is the civilization that score more points.
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