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Codename: Pancers - is a fun game in which gamers will take part in this military campaign.
In the game invented an interesting plot for lovers strategies. Character, you can choose: from the Russian side - Alexander Vladimirov, from German - Hans Von Grebel, from America - Jeffrey Wilson.
Before the player is put many tasks as main or secondary. If you have not performed the main goal, no one will be credited with the victory. Especially when will differ player, give him a medal.
Guns are very diverse - from various modifications of tanks to guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and other tricky and smashing things. And yet, the services of a gamer, an army consisting of the flamethrower, grenade throwers, mortars, sniper who will quickly destroy the enemy soldiers. The game also a variety of missions for the most discerning taste, and all must go and get them a hero! Not much to save energy, even if you play at a high complexity. But good advice: buy more infantry with mine detectors, what would accidentally injured on the battlefield.
For gamers, fans of military subjects, will be very comfortable and fun to play with such extraordinary characters and unpredictable, diverse missions. The game is so well done, that is what would pass for some pleasant evenings.
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