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Codename: Panzers - Phase Two (Tanks, phase 2) is a bright, dynamic game based on themes of world war II.
This game can hardly be called a full-fledged second part. In fact, the players the same Panzers Phase One, only with a different plot and slightly better graphics.
As in Phase One, the player is given the choice of one of three military campaigns, each of which has eight missions. It's a bit because the entire game can be completed in a couple of evenings.
The game's plot is deployed in Africa and the Balkans. You can play for countries of the "axis" (Germany, Italy), for the British and partisans in Yugoslavia. The story repeats the events of 1940, when there was a battle in the African desert between the Italo-German and English troops.
A simple plot is supplied slide rollers, looks quite impressive: Arab, every minute vastavuse hands to heaven, with clearly bluedude their interest; drinking tea with fearless double agent with a turban on his head; macaroni, cooked in English captured helmets, and a fiery speech before the fight Yugoslav guerrilla commander. The game draws from the first minute so that to stay simply impossible.
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