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    2,6 ГГц, 512 Мб, 128 Мб видео
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    3,2 ГГЦ, 1 Гб, 256 Мб видео
Combat Mission: Shock Force - by-step strategy in real time. The game describes a fictional war between Syria and the US in 2008 year. The main feature of it is a unique engine CMX2, more never been used. With it were implemented enhanced graphics and 3D modeling of infantry. Every soldier is depicted and unique three-dimensional animated.
In addition, the new engine has brought very realistic sunlight, as well as models of the sun and stars, which naturally move. Mechanic worked fairly well - photographic textures and fancy special effects are absent, but the ammunition ballistics and the efficiency of materials is very similar to the real one.
For example, shells and bullets can bounce and changing the trajectory, and armor-piercing weapons to punch technique and home through. Many observers reacted to the game overly critical, but she deserves a lot of attention, as has a number not only unique, but also the progressive features.
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