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Commander: Europe at War is a turn - based strategy based on the events of the second world war. The player will become the commander of the forces of Hitler's Germany or the Allies during most famous historical battles.
There are only two goals depending on who you choose to conquer Europe or to release it. For this you need to manage land, sea and air forces, as well as to build different types of buildings. Do not forget about the technologies, the chances of winning increase. To learn how to play pretty easy, much more difficult to become a true master in building strategic plans and their implementation for the final Victoria.
Users risk in a figurative sense to stick to their seats from the very first battle and the invasion of Poland in 1939-year, because Europe at War very interesting. Invent new means for combat actions, cultivate new soldiers, improve production, build tanks, destroyers and frigates. If not to do at least one of this, your forces will be defeated.
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