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Commandos 2: Men of Courage - appeared in September 2001 strategy game that has managed in a short period of time to turn into the side of a crowd of thousands of players. Developer Pyro Studios was designed win the plot by which the male half of the population armed with sticks, with pens, mice and other pointing devices permanently joined the screens, computer monitors.
The plot of the game in detail is thought over to the smallest details. The player generates the squad, whose task is to perform a series of brutal and dangerous missions based on real scenes from famous movies. Each member of the squad has the unique abilities that can continuously develop, acquire new experience.
Among the many combat missions are : exploration, capture enemy and protection from the enemy.
Happy in the game the presence of the enemy with high intelligence, making Commandos 2: Men of Courage deserves to themselves even more respect minded users. Here enemies patrolling any given sector, listen to suspicious sounds and prepared to immediately attack careless or too noisy to the player and his squad.
The game is exciting moves into the world of the Second world war and for a long time is impressive novelty of themes.
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