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Crackdown (2014) - new part of the series Crackdown coming exclusive to Xbox ONE.
Experts from Microsoft is not specifically equipped with new part series digital index, wishing thus to emphasize the exclusivity of the project. Released on the platform of the new generation, he will find a new face.
Fantastic three-dimensional shooter with severe temper and in the new part does not depart from tradition. Tough guys use for the appointment of an impressive Arsenal of firearms and not just weapons. Presentation at E3 shows the full scale of what is happening, and here there is a clear similarity with the series Duck Nukeim. However, the developers Crackdown not afford total permissiveness. However, the brutal nature of the game in the face. Tough guys with the big guns find out the relationship under shock rock.
But the struggle will be not alone, and detachments. But do not hope that we will propose to implement their tactical capabilities. Everything happens according to the prearranged plan. The only thing that we are allowed to get pleasure from a dynamic firefights.
Use modern technology to achieve the goal. Guns with remote control systems. High-tech armoured trucks. Spaceships hung blasters. Heavy-duty armor.
New Crackdown will give players a number of opportunities to get pleasure from the production of adrenaline. The city is literally explodes under the weight of Your attacks. Collected from glass and concrete skyscrapers collapsing in seconds.... in short, will not be bored. Yes, and everything else, the game invites you to enjoy a unique style. Visually the game looks very nice, even though the picture looks hand-drawn. However, the picture is very realistic. The abundance of special effects pleasing to the eye, like colorful palette. In General, the Crackdown project (2014) creates a pleasant impression, worthy for an exclusive project for the platform the Xbox ONE.
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4 minutes Crackdown 3

Four-minute demonstration of the gameplay action pesochnica Crackdown 3 with a great Terry Crews in the lead role.
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