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Dante's Inferno - slashers with RPG elements, which is a loose retelling of the famous poem of authorship Dante Alighieri called "the divine Comedy". As is clear from the mere name, in this game you have to go through all nine circles of Hell. The protagonist named Dante is a veteran of the Crusades and is in search of his beloved Beatrice.
Later he becomes aware that she was grabbed by Lucifer. To release sweetheart Dante forced to descend into the depths of hell and at each of its community to fight against the terrible monsters, and to deal with our sins, our own past and the crimes committed by him on the war.
As in any slashers, here it is necessary to fight the hordes of enemies with different weapons. In addition, the game features a series of puzzles. The levels are made in the form of connected platforms, to move between them often have to use jumps and weapons.
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Trailer Trials of St. Lucia

The trailer for the release of the new additions, called Trials of St. Lucia. In the cooperative testing and a new character St. Lucia.
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