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    3,2 GHZ, 1 GB, 512 MB VIDEO
Action game Dark Messiah of Might & Magic happens in the world of Ashan, where the main character, Caref learns about existence of the artifact Skull of Shadows and goes to search for him. The gameplay is an action game in which is embedded an RPG elements. The character can develop their key skills: archery, melee skills, the ability to cast spells and secrecy.
Carefu must pass ten missions, ranging from the search in the dungeons of the crystal satrini and ending battle with the Lord of spiders and bone dragons. The path of the hero fights with very different evil spirits: necromancers, ghouls, orcs, Cyclops, zombies, Lich, Goblin and giant worms. During these troubles he meets a charming girl-MAG Lino, who becomes his companion.
In the middle of the road, Caref gains the ability to transform into a demon and learns that he is the son of the ruler of the demons imprisoned in the prison. Killing a lot of the undead Saref produces the desired artifact and becomes to a difficult choice: to save the world or to refer it to his father and together with him to rule the souls of people.
Feature of the game is interactive environment, the ability to regulate the power of the strikes. Developing skills traditionally with each level, they are becoming more efficient, and used weapons more powerful. Stands out monitoring of level of adrenaline when it reaches the maximum, the hero can deal a lethal blow. The player in some situations has the right to choose how to proceed, which affects the game's plot.
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