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    3 ГГц, 2 Гб, 256 Мб видео
Darkstar: The Interactive Movie game genre "interactive movie". The protagonist is captain John of IMT, in the beginning of the story awakening GRT klinicheskogo sleep, which lasted for over 300 years. In connection with such long inaction he does not remember anything about himself and his whereabouts. Behind him are 3 rooms.
One of them is empty, the second busy beautiful woman, on the third floor is the body of the dead is already 300 years old men left arm. Space ship captain completely broken and helpless is floating in an orbit sinister planet Alpha Theta III, unknown member of his crew have deleted all data about events.
But, despite not empty and hopeless despair, there is a growing understanding that in this cold silence of the main character is someone waiting. Darkstar contains more than 13 hours of interactive video that significantly more time than the analogues.
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