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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    2,8 ГГц, 1 Гб, 256 Мб видео
  • Featured:
    Core 2 Duo, 2 Гб, 512 Мб видео
Dead Space 2 is a third person shooter with elements of survival horror.
In this part had the opportunity to destroy some types of furniture for further use of its parts as a weapon. In addition, breaking glass, you can achieve depressurization in the building, what helps to get rid of the necromorphs.
The movement of protagonist became more rapid. The possibility of flight through a new suit with jet engines. The main character is now not only silent, but talking, including obscenely expressed during the difficult moments. There are 5 levels of difficulty and 15 chapters.
The game takes place in the distant future (2511 year) on the territory of the space station, which is massively populated by enemies - the necromorphs. It is their and have to shoot the protagonist. Dead Space 2 is not limited to the shooting. It is necessary to continuously monitor the oxygen level and to complete it, as well as solve various puzzles along the way.
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