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Dead Space 3 is the continuation of a third person shooter with elements of horror, tells about the adventures of the main character on different space stations and planets of the universe.
Gamers can play as Isaac Clarke, who is not afraid of any danger. The story is a continuation of the previous game, the finale of which on the space station Titanium occurred a terrible catastrophe - leak deadly virus that kills their media awful disease.
This time the action takes place on a mysterious planet Tau Volantis. Here as elsewhere, there was a surge in the epidemic, however, thanks to climatic features of the planet, the virus is still preserved. Ellie, who became the main hero is a good friend and partner, sent on Tau Volantis, but, due to unexplained circumstances, finds himself lost in orbit.
Isaac Clarke long time trying to find the Land government. When the authorities have succeeded, it is forced to take on a mission to save Ellie, what is the main mission of gamer.
In Dead Space 3 recycled almost everything that was in the previous parts. Now the main character is able not only to run, and to sit down and roll on the ground. Introduced in the game and Stels-elements - can now be invisible to any object or destroy enemy units because of the shelters. Added and enemies in this part of the gamers have to fight not only with the necromorphs, and also with crazy fanatic analogami.
Renewed collection system of production - now with the dead bodies of the enemies fall no money, and various resources. Of them, you can create weapons and ammunition, first aid kits and more. Added new side quests for which a gamer can get unique and useful items.
Perhaps the most important innovation is the ability to pass the game together. In the multiplayer mode of the game's plot is slightly different from the original, but the overall picture remains the same. Here players will closely interact with each other, helping to get out of difficult situations, giving the first aid kit at the moment when one of the characters severely wounded, and perform other actions.
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Dead Space 3 on the sample.

Good news for fans of Dead Space 3 - Electronic Arts is preparing to release a demo version of the game. In online services Xbox Live and PlayStation Network probe will appear on January 22. PC - span.
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Trailer Limited Edition

In the network appeared the trailer for the limited edition version of the game Dead Space 3, which will be presented exclusive content.
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Set winner

The network has a new video of Dead Space 3, showing the weapons in the game.
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The box-art

EA has released the box art for the game Dead Space 3.
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