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    Eidos, Новый Диск
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    Intel Core 2 Quad; 2 GB; AMD Radeon HD 5850;
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    Intel Core 2 Quad 2 GHz; 2 GB; NVIDIA GeForce 8000
Designed in the style of cyberpunk game Deus Ex is a first person shooter, its action takes place in 2052. Land suffered from economic disaster and governments weakened. Against this background starts pandemic incurable Grey Death, increasing its power terrorists. To protect them from harm is created anti-terrorist organization UNATCO, agent, which is the hero of the game. The plot of the game are viewed familiar features of conspiracy theories, ranging from experiments with the technology of aliens in area 51 and ending with the Illuminati.
The gameplay Deus Ex traditionally begins with the character creation, select its name and appearance. The hero has the original amount of experience points uniformly distributed in 11 skills. Among them is all that is needed agent: possession of firearms and melee weapons, heavy weapons and explosives, sniper weapon and the ability to crack safes. Mindful of the fact that the strength of the special agent is not in the ability to kill, but to think with their heads, the developers suggested in the game to accrue points not for killing enemies, but for the job, study the world, the discovery of the hiding places with the equipment.
Agent Deus Ex can get lots of useful skills, such as improved vision, regeneration, invisibility, and more speed. To do this, in his body introduced nanobots are used in this medical bots that are not in all locations. All new abilities there are four levels of development, with each of them unique skills are becoming more effective.
When performing missions agents have the opportunity to choose one of the options, ranging from its skirmishes and ending with the penetration of the secret passages. In the role of opposing soldiers, animals, robots, automatic turrets. Against them, a wide range of weapons, ranging from batons and ending grenades with gas. Locked doors open with keys, or explode . During the game the agent often enter into dialogue, it is recommended to listen to the end, because the information in them is important for the further job.
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Let's play Deus Ex a classic from the developers

The trio of authors of the original Deus Ex in the person of Chris Norden, Sheldon, Paciotti and of course Warren Spector after many years gathered together again and played the same good old Deus Ex.

Original stories Deus Ex, which were not implemented

There was plenty of documents that explained that it would be in the original story of Deus Ex 3. Center for American History the name Dolph, Brisco, the archive at the University of Texas, as it turned out, contained a huge collection of documents about a series of games and memorabilia.
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