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Deus Ex: human Revolution - playing shooter, which is headed by the cyberpunk. His whole life is built on implants. They are given to him from the very beginning of the game, but not active. Getting a new level, gain of one package implants. In addition, these packages can be found in the recesses or receive as a bonus.
• Peculiarities of the hero system is linked bodily improvement. All implants are divided into 7 types. Each of these types has its own branch improvements. So to pump hero is quite interesting.
• You can choose the style of game. There are three of them: peace, power method or using stealth, when the hero chooses secrecy. If cruel bloodshed is not for you, choose the first style, then the whole game will take place practically without battles, except traditional fights with bosses.
• Another feature is the refusal universal ammunition suitable for all kinds of weapons. No, it's not that. By selecting a particular trunk, you buy only suitable him shells, bullets, and so forth.
• Introduced regeneration, health gradually recovered, if the player do no damage. But this is a fairly slow process. However, to save the situation can special painkillers.
Interesting game, a kind gesture to the computerization of the modern world.
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Adam Jenson

Not only that, developers Eidos Montreal showed everyone how to restart the game series.
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What makes Adam Jensen and Jason Brody?

Actor, voice artists Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (by the way name is Elias Toufexis), said that he spent two years recording the voice for Jason Brody, until, as Ubisoft has replaced him, because he reportedly sounded too much like Adam Jensen.
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Soon the announcement of Deus Ex: The Fall?

The acclaimed Deus Ex awaits fans of the series. Eidos Montreal makes no secret of its plans and willingly shares them with his readers on Twitter, where the developer has given hope to fans on the imminent appearance of Deus Ex: The Fall. "Expect and are you ready for The Fall?" - the developer.

Trailer The Missing Link

In the network appeared the launch trailer extras for Deus Ex Human Revolution the Missing Link. The addition is already available on Xbox Live, and tomorrow it will appear on PSN and Steam.
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Codes to crack Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution motivates us to Break the door closed, terminals and devices, in order to gain access to things stored for locks. However, in addition to the standard method of hacking, there is a simpler introduction to the code or password to definitely a door or terminal.
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Demonstration Of The Missing Link

Eidos Montreal has released the first gameplay The Missing Link. Writer Mary Demarle will show us a little snippet from the first add-on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution has sold 2 million copies

Square Enix has announced sales figures Deus Ex: Human Revolution since the release 2 weeks ago. According to company representatives, 2 million copies(not counting torrent trackers!) it was delivered to various distributors.
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