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Diabolik: The Original Sin - interactive comic, based on the well-known Italian Serie.
The atmosphere mafia Italy passed brilliantly that will appeal not only to the fans of this subject, but neutral people. The main character named Diabolic is an Italian version of Fantomas - he is the best thief in the world and has been training hard craft a kingpin in the territory of the unknown island.
In addition to the usual methods available to each fighter, he can also aptly throw daggers, to run a sleepy arrows, his clever movement and relaxed Arsenal also amazing jumps. The protagonist is open a real police hunt led by inspector Geco.
In addition, disliked hero and criminal circles of town, they are also a great mind to inflict sudden blindsided. But to do all this it will be very difficult. The main weakness of Diabolika - Eva Kant, combat friend and companion, only catching it, you can catch the protagonist.
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