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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    CPU 350 MHz, 128 Мb
  • Featured:
    CPU 800 MHz, 256 Мb
Diggles: The Myth of Fenris - 3D real-time strategy. Then you have to arrange life is very interesting creatures, gnomes. They are very hardworking and may make tools, weapons, housing, and much more. Mills for production of all this will be placed in caves.
Unfortunately, the life span of these wonderful workers is limited, and all of our skills to convey to posterity will not succeed. The longer one gnome works, the more powerful it becomes, but it is necessary to observe and norms of rest - if you will load workers to excess, they are very upset. There are two modes of control.
You can simply create labor unit and give her the opportunity to work independently, but also there is the option of a direct guidance when you give a specific task. It will be more efficient because all the dwarves are different and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. In the game it is very important to grow and build as many shops, this will ensure the growth of production and achievement of prosperity.
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