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Translation of an interview with the prototype Emily (Emily Kaldwin)

Translation of an interview with the prototype Emily (Emily Kaldwin) Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia

Interview with the actress who was the prototype for the creation of the adult Emily.

Part of the person Emily was taken from the character of the actress Erica Luttrell, as explained by Creative Director Harvey Smith.
Eric was also the prototype for heroines in games such as Fallout 4, Stephen Universe, and Diablo III.
In Borderlands 2 she got a not quite usual role - the Empress and the Assassin.

Who is Emily Caldwin?
"This is an extraordinary young woman who has gone through a lot.
As a result, she had to train myself – body and mind – to achieve the goals. Instead of having to allow dramatic events to destroy herself, she became stronger. Emily's incredibly driven, she knows who she is and what she wants.

The team of developers Arkane speaks of the three "pillars" on which to build the identity of Emily – the Empress, the Assassin and the girl from Downfall.

As the actress managed to convey each of these parties?
"The character of Emily is very deep, every detail of the proposed team for the realization pushed me to dig deeper. I love her part the Empress. It was fun to show her. There was something extraordinary and negativnoe to dive so deep into yourself and embrace that power. Part Downfall and Assassin are very different from the Empress, but all these elements are born from its power. I told the story of her kidnapping and upbringing, rigidity Downfall, all this added to "darkness" in my style of play. Downfall itself contains such dark undercurrents that I think he has a strong influence on a person to keep control of this place.

With this in mind, I believe that part of the personality of the Empress and the Assassin closer. Both felt confident, but definitely it is and anger. She is constantly controlling her, so the anger never goes a certain border. She's not upset. Her anger is more quiet, seething, furious. Variety of anger, more inherent to the Empress first and second assassins."

Was the actress able to identify with Emily during the writing process?
"Absolutely. In addition, to be an Empress and assassin, she is a very solid figure. She's been through so much but continues to fight for what he thinks is right. She fights for himself and his people. She fights for Corvo.

I lost my father about 2 years ago, so the situation with Corvo spoke to me very personally. It is very difficult when there is someone whom you trust so much and he is so dear to you... that's why I was so involved and it helped me to appreciate it even more."

How was it working with the team at Arkane over the character?
"When I came to the first entry, I showed the trailer as Emily jumps through the city and said that I have to play that role. For me it was fantastic, even after the first quick glance. When I got more info I realized that I go on this extraordinary journey. The team have so much love for this game and everything in it. This love is visible in all the descriptions. This is possibly the best and full of love story over which I had to work from all my projects.

In the room there was always someone Harvey Smith or Sachka Duval (Narrative Designer) who had the deepest understanding of the whole story. They gave me an inside look at almost every cue that I had to say. It concerns her comments about the buildings, furnishings or comments about the seen pictures. They explained to me who was the artist and why Emily might be interested in his work. I was able to add depth to my approach to character thanks to both of them."

What do you like most about Emily?

"Shadow Walk! (walk in the shade, dark blue no information in the official translation of the game). This is so cool. But seriously, many people I admire in her character (personality). I'd like to be able to do what she. She's a superhero. I'd like to fight with swords like her, but her hypnotic abilities is so beautiful and supernatural. In addition to her wonderful abilities, her strength is just incredible. In the world you meet so many tests and have so many difficulties and so unsafe. To play a character like Emily really makes you focus on your strengths."
Source: https://bethesda.net/en/article/1RB...actor-interview
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