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Divine Divinity will appeal to fans of role-playing games, the action of which takes place in a fantasy world of Rivellon. Traditionally players waiting area where people live near the pangolins, dwarves, lizards, wizards, demons, and even orcs.
The events will start with a small flassbek in the past, where we tell the story about the insidious demon, Lord of Chaos, penetrated into the gaming world in the form of a man. He managed to do it with a Dark Circle, which included powerful mages. But the people of Rivellon United in the struggle against the enemy and formed the Council of the seven races that inhabit a wonderful world. They manage to defeat the Lord of Chaos, only they don't know that he found a way to regeneration, using the human soul, holding the Blade lies. And the story begins a few hundred years, when the story were forgotten, the weapon is lost, and all the tales resembles more of a legend than the truth.
Gamer in the image of the hero not pass one test, to overcome hundreds of different malevolent beings, to use different weapons or spells, as well as to get acquainted with a great many other heroes. And unusual subject will allow to plunge into the atmosphere of valiant Rivellon.
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