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Devil May Cry (DMC) - continuation of the famous line of games about how hellish creatures attempt to enslave the world, but in all of them hinders our hero Dante. The events take place in the universe Limbaugh - demonic reflection of the real world, where the main character can enter at any time.
The game begins with the fact that Dante is suitable girl-medium named kat and warns him of impending danger. Soon our hero starts to chase the demons. Killing of their leader, he learns that his head for a long time already are being hunted, and now hell create figured out where to find it.
Some time later, Kate takes Dante in the secret headquarters of a certain organization "Order". As it turned out, the head of the organization is the twin brother of our hero. Dante also know that is the fruit of the forbidden love between an angel and a demon. His parents were killed long ago, the existence of which he had not the faintest notion. Dante lights up a strong desire to take revenge on offenders. However, this heavy burden on gamer and his talent to control the main character.

This time the developers of Capcom tried their best. As in the previous parts, the main enemy creatures in Devil May Cry are different kinds of hideous demons. The further the player goes through the levels, the greater their number, and the stronger is their strength.
Dante available two main types of weapons are powerful sword for melee and deadly guns for long. The game worked perfectly the elements of RPG - character raises your level and becomes stronger, killing enemies. He acquires new abilities - what of them will enjoy our hero, depends on the player.
In addition to simple demons, Dante will have to deal with the bosses. Each of them is dangerous in its own way. Gamers will need to find out the weaknesses of each of the leader, and then to apply them punishing blows. Some bosses are immune to arms, and they will kill other ways, using any objects on the battlefield.
The mechanics of the game cannot be described with words - it is necessary to see. Dante has many abilities and has in its Arsenal as many acrobatic tricks that it is difficult to remember them all. However, over time the gamer will get used to the game dynamics and will be able to overcome any number of demonic creatures, any sizes and forms.
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Bald warrior

Devil May Cry is another famous game series, published under the wing Capcom. For the twelve years of its existence, series games Devil May Cry has built up a huge fan base.

Best games of 2013 > 4th place

In recent years, the well-known Japanese from Capcom hard sell their own titles to third-party developers. It is clear that the Affairs of the company are not important, it is clear that the elderly series needs a good shake-up and the hand of a talented cosmetologist, but the choice of new developers publisher fits very casually, to produce such misunderstandings as Lost Planet 3.
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New gameplay

In the network appeared the new gameplay Devil May Cry:
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Video game from DMC

In the new DMC(Devil May Cry 5) against Dante will be the whole world. In the video shows how the environment is deformed in an attempt to kill the fleeing Dante, splinters, cracks, and analysis on the components of a beautiful urban landscape creates just demonic deadly track.

Screenshots from the game DMC

Published trailer and new screenshots from the game DMC: Devil May Cry, which will be restarting the famous series of games from Capcom. Working on a project Studio Ninja Theory, known to gamers for fantasy action Heavenly Sword. The release date is not yet known.
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Video from the game Devil May Cry

Published trailer and new screenshots from the game DMC: Devil May Cry, which will restart the famous video game series from Capcom. Working on a project Studio Ninja Theory, known gamers fantasy you Heavenly Sword. The timing of release is not yet known.
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