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    CPU 2,4 GHz, 1Gb, 512 Mb Video
DOOM 3 is a first person shooter science fiction themes. The game takes place in the distant future (as it is in 2145 year) on the territory of the research center of the United Aerospace Corporation located on Mars. In single-user mode, the main goal is the successful completion of levels and the inevitable destruction of all enemies in its path.
Distinctive feature of this part of the series - the existence of good stories, manifested in the fact that as progress protagonist meets documentary friendly characters, providing key information about the plot. The game brings together ten weapons and includes firearms guns and explosives (submachine gun, shotgun, grenades), experimental plasma, as well as traditional BFG 9000 and chainsaw.
Enemies exist in several forms and have different abilities and tactics, but can be conditionally divided into two categories: zombies and demons. The first are living creatures, possessed of demonic forces, and attack at the hands of guns for the conduct of melee and ognestrel. The latter is a hell of creation, striking with his claws and spikes and spouting fire by lightning. The corpses of the demons into the dust and not leave a trace.
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Staff id Software decided to lend a helping hand to novice developers. During the conference QuakeCon, John Carmack announced that the Studio wants to put publicly available source code shooter Doom 3 - the developers have already agreed on all the issues with the management company ZeniMax, which belongs to id Software.
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